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PAL imagebox

PAL imagebox is a PHP script for displaying thumbnailed image galleries.


Q: Why did you create this?

A: I needed a flexible system to organize some scans lying around on my hard disk and present them to others. So I hacked PAL imagebox.

Q: Where does this strange name come from?

A: No comment! Love it or leave it. :-)

Q: What do I need to use PAL imagebox?

A: You'll need a computer with a webserver, i.e. Apache with PHP and a MySQL database engine. Hmm, that's all, I think.


Just unpack the archive in a directory of your web-server and edit the configuration file and the PHP source (if needed). The configuration file is quite self-explaining. You can adjust the login for your MySQL server, the directories where images and thumbnails are stored and the number of rows and columns of thumbnails. Further you'll need to create a new MySQL database with the structure from pal.sql and add some entries (manually, I hope to create a submitter next weeks :-)). Bug reports, patches and comments are welcome!

Type this to create a new database where the PAL imagebox data will be stored:
# mysqladmin create pal
# mysql pal < pal.sql

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PAL imagebox in action


PAL imagebox 0.01 (2001-01-05)

© Copyright 2001 by Michael Spunt